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Download Elektro 1999.1 ( 3.1 MB Elektro_19991D.exe ) Windows 95/98/NT

Download Elektro 1999.2 ( 6.1 MB Elektro_19992D.exe ) Windows 95/98/NT ( 3.1 MB Elektro_19991D.exe ) Windows 95/98/NT

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  • Windows 95/98/ME
  • Approx 7M of hard disc space
  • Screen resolution needs to be at least 800x600
  • The font Courier New is used, if it is not present, some of the form layouts may be odd. This is a standard Win95 font and should be available unless you have removed it.
MotoCalc 6 is the most powerful, most accurate, and easiest to use electric flight performance prediction software package available.

Click here to download MotoCalc 6.04 for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, or 2000

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Coefficient of Lift Calculator

With this tool you can, for example, estimate the lift coefficient of your model at cruise conditions or during the landing approach. With this information, you can easily get a feel for the wing performance required by your aircraft. Both imperial and metric measurements can be entered.

A neat little 'Freeware' programme from Gyles Aero Designs.

Click here to download CLcalcSetup.exe (1.1mb)

Coefficient of Lift Calculator

תוכנה חופשית לחישוב קוטר סיבוב,את הג'י הפועל על המטוס,זויות,,ועוד

Turn Radius Calculator

his Freeware program will calculate the turn radius and g-loading for your model given the bank angle of the aircraft and some basic aircraft data. You can also calculate the required bank angle for a given turn radius. With this tool you can, for example, estimate the lift coefficient of your model during a 2g turn. If you have an estimate of the maximum CL of your model's wing, you can easily get a feel for the risk of wing stall during the manoeuvre.

Another neat little 'Freeware' programme from Gyles Aero Designs.

Click here to download TurnRadiusSetup.exe (1.1mb)

Turn Radius Calculator

תוכנה חופשית להמרת כל דבר בכל דבר כימעט,


Convert almost anything to anything with this useful programme. Although it won't convert your 2 stroke into a 4 stroke! (Requires WinZip to decompress the file) Decompress into a folder then double click the programme icon and get converting!

Click here to download '' (153k)

תוכנה חופשית לתיכנון עצמי של טיסנים,אתה רק נידרש להכניס את המידות והתוכנה עושה הכל בשבילך
כולל מיקום מרכז הכובד

Airplane Design Calculator

A great utility to calculate and design your own model aircraft. All the calculations are done for you. You just input the dimensions and the Calculator does the rest including a calculation to find the centre of gravity on your model! (Requires WinZip to decompress the file) This download requires Microsoft Excel. Try it and let us know what you think!

Click here to download '' (39k)

תוכנה חופשית לחישוב,עומס כנף,עילוי,שטח כנף,פרופורציה,מרכז אוירודינמי,וכל החישובים הדרושים לתיכנון טיסנים

Twist Calculations For Flying Wings

Calculate Wing Loading, Lift Coefficient, Wing Area, Mean Chord, Aspect Ratio, Taper Ratio, Aerodynamic Centre, Alpha geo, and C of G for any flying wing. The formula presented in this Microsoft Excel file is important in that it provides, early in the design process, a well tested method of determining the geometric wing twist required for stable flight.

(Requires WinZip to decompress the file)

Click here to download '' (12k)


Version 1.60 (DOS)

: Flug-Modell-Simulator (FMS) Version 1.60 Deutsch (421 KB)


Version 2.0 Beta 6 (Windows 95/98/ME/2000)

Flug-Modell-Simulator (FMS) Version 2.0 Beta 6 Deutsch/English/Swedish (2139 KB)

Easy R/C 6

  • Easy R/C 6 is an essential piece of software for any R/C car racer, whether they're a novice or an experienced racer. It does all the following and more:
    Works out the speed and gear ratio of your car
    Tells you how to tune your suspension
    Shows you how clean your motor and adjust its timing
    Downloads car & product reviews and add-on programs from the web for free*
    Interactively works out battery charging times and rates
    Helps you prepare before the big race
    Integrates seamlessly with the Internet through Easy R/C 6 WebPanel
    Gives you tips on how to improve your car and make it go faster

  • Please note: Easy R/C is only available for Windows 95, 98 and Windows NT 4.0
  • Website
  • Price: US$FREE
  • Download Now

Fly RC

  • FlyRC programming is based upon ideas I got from the book "Zen of Graphics Programming" by Michael Abrash. I recommend this book to anyone interested in programming the VGA at the hardware interface.
  • Website
  • Price: FREEWARE
  • Download

Virtual RC Racing

  • R/C car driving on your PC screen - "Virtual RC Racing" is a realistic R/C car simulator especially for on-road R/C cars. It supplies photo realistic 3D graphics with texture mapping and high color support. The track appears in perspective at an angle from a raised position - just like from the drivers' stand. "Virtual RC Racing" features world famous race tracks like Ft. Myers, host of over 15 ROAR Winternationals. New Versions and new race tracks will be released from time to time. The optionally available "Virtual RC" game port adapter allows radio steering with your own radio control.
  • Website
  • Price: FREE
  • Download

Realflight Deluxe

  • With the addition of 10 incredible heli designs (including electric and glow-powered sport, scale and competition models) to the nine airplane profiles, Great Planes®' RealFlight Deluxe is the most comprehensive R/C flight simulator ever created. If you have enjoyed the state-of-the-art technology of the original RealFlight for flying airplanes, now you can also experience the fun and thrills of piloting an R/C "chopper" as well.
  • The over 200 parameters for altering airplane performance factors are all still here, but RealFlight Deluxe also features over 300 extra parameters strictly for the helicopters. These include selecting gyro types, teetering or articulating hubs, independent pitch and throttle curve adjustments, and much more. In fact, the RealPhysics* program has been designed from scratch for RealFlight Deluxe based on heli realities, for authentic changes in performance with every parameter adjustment. The same four pilot perspectives are available on RealFlight Deluxe, along with the original 5 flying sites with PhotoField* technology for life-like backgrounds that can be customized with people, scenery and buildings. Plus, there's a bonus 3D field called Rainbow Canyon. This great-looking site actually includes a layout for an F3C flying field, complete with flags, pylons and an accurate 1.2 meter landing box that allows F3C pilots to practice autorotations.
  • And good news for owners of the original RealFlight software: a CD-ROM disk is available for upgrading your existing system to the RealFlight Deluxe program, so you can experience the added thrills as well. You can even qualify for a handsome rebate from the manufacturer! Contact your local hobby dealer, or visit the RealFlight website at for more information.
  • System Requirements
    * Windows® 95/98
    * Intel® Pentium® 200
    * Microsoft Direct3D high-performance 3D accelerated video card with 8 (or more) MB of video RAM
    * Graphics and sound cards compatible with Microsoft DirectX 6.0 (most are compatible)
    * 30 MB available hard drive space
    * 16 MB RAM
    * 4X CD-ROM Drive
    * Super VGA Monitor
    * IBM-compatible game port
  • Suggestions for optimum system performance
    * Pentium II 300 or above
    * High-performance 3D accelerated video card with 4 (or more) MB of video Ram
    * 24 MB RAM
    * 16X CD-ROM drive
  • Please note: There is currently no demo available
  • Website
  • Price: $349.99 US with controller (available model 1 and 2)

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